Bring Stephen to your event

“Stephen Thompson is someone who defines resiliency and beating the odds by going from a ward of the state to a successful executive in the tech industry. His drive is consummate as he continually strives to find and attain purpose in his life. Stephen beat the odds and survived the poverty, abuse, and violence that is endemic to the lives of so many living in the foster system.  He was able to break the cycle by leading the change he wanted to see in his family.  His story resonates deeply with those of the students that our organization, Students Rising Above, helps gain access to higher education.”

Carolina Martin
Executive Director, Students Rising Above
 To make a significant impact to your event, consider contacting Stephen about keynotes, salons, and workshops.   Please tell us a little bit about yourself.   We will get back to you within 48 hours of your inquiry.

Stephen’s Steps Package– A downloadable tool for meeting planners who would like to bring Stephen to their conference or event.

Stephen Thompson