Hotel Goodbyes

Coming Soon

In Hotel Goodbyes, Stephen’s compelling memoir, he offers first-hand insight into the lives of foster children as well as the keys to his eventual success as an executive recruiter for Fortune 500 Companies in Silicon Valley that translate across myriad circumstances.  His is an inspiring story of grit and resilience as he tackles obstacles with an admirably positive outlook despite the haunting trauma of his mother’s abandonment.

Stephen Thompson is an exceptional executive recruiter with a strong emphasis on building life-long relationships with everyone he meets.  Stephen possesses an innate ability to understand complex business challenges and brings a sophisticated approach to his consultations with clients to facilitate real world solutions.   Stephen has worked with Apple, Google and now LinkedIn to recognize and persuade extraordinary individuals to engage with these iconic brands.   Stephen speaks to students as well as industry professionals about the fields of data science and distributive infrastructure engineering needs of Fortune 100 companies regarding how to better identify, build and scale for talent in the US and around the globe.

Although Stephen is acknowledged as a leader in his area of expertise, his ascendancy was forged on an untraditional path rendering his accomplishments even more remarkable.

Stephen is a board member of Save the Bay, an environmental organization to help preserve and protect the San Francisco Bay, and lives in San Jose with his wife, a technology sales executive, and his two sons.

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