Executive Search


My mother would tell you that she knew I would be in the “influence business” one day.  Over the years, she watched me influence people to move in directions that were best for them.  When I was in seventh grade I took an Intro to Computer Programming course in my hometown.  The leaders of that time said that “Computer programming would be the job of the future.” They were correct, and I did not listen.    I liked computers, but not programming them; rather I was more interested in getting them to do things for me.  Still, I never became an engineer but ended up in a profession where I help those same-said engineers find the right career path.

I love to help people meet their needs whether personal or professional.

I love working with people who want to solve complicated and challenging problems.  I have a knack for connecting with engineering professionals and assisting them in solving problems.   I help folks procure great people due to my ability to intuit and understand their underlying needs and find professionals willing to engage in an agile recruiting process.


I am an Senior Manager for Executive Recruiting at Amazon.  www.linkedin.com/in/stephenthompson/   

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and prominent cloud services provider.  My team and I identify and engage with the top Machine Learning Scientist in the fields of Robotics, Optimization, Computer Vision, Avionics and many more.  Our goal is to understand and engage with noted Scientist in the these fields of research and understand where

Oh Duh, We’re Hiring!!!

Talent Partner, Apple


If you’re reading this on your mobile device or Mac, then I am sure I know the people behind the scenes that helped make this interaction possible.   Apple is a force not to be dismissed.  I was honored to work with some great teams for Mobile App, Apple Online Store, Apple retail and the Applied Machine Learning Teams.   Apple covers it all in the technology and infrastructure which iscrucial to user’s devices and content.  If you want to push yourself and make an impact at a global level check them out at… Apple  Who knows?  They may be hiring.

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