Finding answers with Option B

Option B 2It’s late in the afternoon as I sit by my living room window trying to absorb some of the waning light at the end of a long week.  The sky is blue and the sun streams down on my warming the back of my neck while the large window protects me from the chill of the spring wind that is rustling the newly budding leaves on the lemon trees in my backyard. I sit with my legs kicked up on our modern couch nestled against the wall. I have been eyeing this yellow package for the past thirty minutes while I finish up my debriefing recruiting call. I am keenly aware that inside the envelope is Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s new book Option B, and I am eager to begin reading.  I say “Have a good weekend” to my colleagues and hang up.   A large ripping sound echoes through the air as I tear open the package, and there it is.   I open the book and see that Sheryl has written a quick note to me and find myself instinctively smiling due to her kind words. I quickly commence with reading the introduction.  It has been a long wait, and I am eager to begin my journey.   

Page one and I am instantly propelled into Sheryl’s life and recent, devastating loss.  I can visualize the beach and pool on her vacation in Mexico as she describes her husband’s shocking death. I easily become a witness to her story as she readily conveys her thoughts and feelings to her readers.  My emotions are tethered to hers as she walks her readers back in time, and my eyes well up confronted by the painful reality of that moment for her.  I am only 230 words into her story and I am hooked.  I continue reading for the next thirty minutes until my son drags me away to play a quick game of catch with him.  

I spend the rest of Friday evening reading Sheryl’s book as I cannot put it down. Sheryl shares something so powerful about how people deal with incredible loss.  I quickly realize that this is not just a story of resilience, but a guide on how to help others successfully overcome personal loss when they don’t know what to do. In Option B, Sheryl and Adam, display how we can better cope with direct loss in our lives and, even more importantly, support family members, friends, or colleagues face their own everyday challenges.